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We are a group of 4. We are passionate about building software products. 

Our Story

We met each other in 2019 in one of the software house in Wrocław. These days we were working on Mobile Point of Sale product for our customer.  We were working as architect (Tomek), business analyst (Bartek) and developers (Paweł and Rafał).  In this project we were part of the bigger team of 35 people. After one year of working together we went our separate ways. 

In 2020 we started working for different companies and gathered new experience in financial and healthcare sectors. 

In 2021 we met each other after work and realized that we all have entrepreneurial mindset and we want to build the working software together and directly for customer.   

Our Team

Tomek – I am a software architect and lead developer with over thirteen years of professional experience in software enigneering.
I specialize in Java-based projects.
As an architect, I led development teams and delivered complex business projects for various industries including automotive, banking and retail.
In my solutions, I choose simplicity and elegance, and my primary focus is customer satisfation and high quality of the solutions provided.
I’m focused on goal team-player, motivated problem solver, quick learner, clear communicator and a strong leader.

Bartek – I like analyzing. I was a sales, support and business analyst. Currently, I work as a product owner in a biotechnology company where we create products that support scientific research and diagnose patients. I cooperate a lot with clients and development teams to build a product that meet the users’ needs.

I’m satisfied when software products help users. My way to make it happen is thorough analysis and close collaboration with users. When I don’t analyze, I spend time with my family. I like cross-country skiing and audiobooks.

Paweł – As a software developer with 7 years of commercial experience I am always willing to find the best possible solution, keep high quality of code and software architecture while meeting the requirements and achieving business goals within the specified deadlines. That is the goal of the code I produce.
My eagerness to develop constantly soft and hard skills useful in my job helps me to fulfil these goals and communicate efficiently.
I can work independently as well as in an established team either on-site or fully remotely by using virtual collaboration tools.
I am also well-organized and always eager to share my skills and knowledge with other team members.

Rafał – I always liked to create stuff and let my imagination loose. At early years it was done with Lego, later at school first steps with creating web pages and simple coding. Its many years since than, many coding languages and experiences, but still doing the same. Now I’m trying to create software that is tailored for the needs of my client. The hardest part is always understanding my client needs. Only than can great software be created with words that would say “this is just what I wanted”.
Sky is not the limit, only our imagination is.

Our Experience

We’ve been created software solutions for retail, financial and healthcare sectors for the last 10 years.

Mostly we worked in international environment according to Agile methodology so we believe that it brings benefits for both development team and customers. 

We are experienced in both sides of IT project life, including development and support of IT products. Participated in many full project life cycles on every stage of software production (discovery and design, delivery, production support)

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